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Having problems with your power steering? We know just how frustrating that feels. After all, power steering is one of those developments in automobile technology that has made driving a lot more easier. Without one, you would constantly be feeling that driving feels more than a punishment than something that is actually enjoyable. 

So take back your power (and if we’re being honest, luxury) on the road and have your power steering fixed today. Who should you call? Who better to respond to your needs than the experts here at Mobile Mechanic St. Petersbur FL. We are also offering other affordable services like wheel bearing replacementalternator replacement and more.


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A Brief Intro on Power Steering

and Its Common Problems

This section is for the small portion of you who needs to know more about power steering and just how important it is in your car’s mechanism. 

First of all, just imagine this: your car is at least 4 thousand tons in weight. Have you ever marveled at your ability to move it around? Well, if you haven’t, it is now time that you do. This is all thanks to the system of power steering. It is responsible of expending all of its power, just so we don’t have to. 

Well now that you know just how important this mechanism is in your driving quality, it’s time to get right to the root of the matter. Take a moment to read through and answer the questions below. This just might save you from a whole lot of trouble in the future.

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Does your wheel feel heavy when you turn it?

This is one of the most obvious signs that your power steering wheel has problems. If your power steering system is powered by electricity, then it is best to take your car to the mechanics so they can thoroughly examine the problem. See, the thing about electric power steering systems is that they are not so easy to diagnose as those with the traditional hydraulic system.


So what if you have a traditional hydraulic system and your steering wheel feels heavy to maneuver? This might be narrowed down to an issue related to these things:

  •       Your power steering belt may be worn out

In this case, you will feel your wheels vibrating, especially when it is on idle mode.

  •       Your power steering pump may be leaking

This will usually manifest itself into a puddle under your car. You will notice that the fluid will smell more like burnt oil and the consistency and color will be darker.

  •       You might need to refill your power steering fluid

Over time, your power steering fluid will either run out or clump up (this happens when debris and dirt get inside your reservoir). You can check on this yourself by looking under the hood to see if it is your power steering fluid that is causing you your problem.

Now that you know the basics of the impressive power steering system—what’s next? 

It’s time to have the experts take a look at your car.

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What Do We Offer

Here at Mobile Mechanic St Petersburg, we offer car maintenance and repair services. Our specialty: fixing power steering problems. 

Power steering problem diagnosis

        With the help of the latest diagnostic tools in the market today, we will carefully examine your vehicle to find out just what is causing your power steering problems. Rest assured that we will be employing a preventive method of check-up. We might notice some gears and mechanisms that, while still functioning, are on their way to be worn out. We will make sure to note all these problems to you so you can be the judge of what you want to be done to your car.

Power steering repairs

        Once we have given you a rundown of what needs to be repaired or replaced, we will recommend what services need to be performed. However, all this will still be up to you. It is your car, after all. While we will strongly recommend that you fix all of the issues, it will be your decision to go through with the services or not.

Power steering maintenance

        This simply refers to simple tasks such as power steering oil checks, refills, and the like. 

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Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are a group of mechanics situated in St Petersburg, Florida. While we do maintain a shop downtown, we believe that there is a need for a mobile team to always be at the ready to respond to car emergencies and breakdown on the road. This is where we decided to venture on a mobile mechanic team. 

So far, people have been really appreciative of the things that we do and the services that we offer. Just read through some of what they have to say about us. 

“They were able to help me pinpoint just what was wrong with my car. Other mechanics weren’t exactly sure what the issue was, but they were able to expertly find the problem and then fix it right away.” 

“I’ve been taking my car to their shop for years now. Now that they have rolled out a mobile option for their services, my life has gotten so much easier. I no longer need to hire a tow truck just to bring my car to the mechanics. Instead, they come to me which is really convenient.”

“I couldn’t help but marvel at the latest tools that these guys brought with them. And if the tools weren’t impressive enough, their services sure are! They were able to get my car working and running again in record time. I absolutely recommend Mobile Mechanic St Petersburg.”

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