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We know that you only want the best mechanic services when it comes to your engine needs. And one process that plays a vital role in maintaining your vehicle and extending its life is a regular and proper oil maintenance.

And if you are finding the fastest engine oil change in St. Petersburg,FL, look no further as we proudly present our professional mechanic service. We are a mobile auto care provider and we can go at your location whether your at the convenience of your own home or at work. We offer quick auto care, diagnose/replace issues like oil replacements. Mobile Mechanic is currently operate in st. petersburg and we take oil change seriously and expeditiously. Our company is also offering diesel mechanicwater pump replacement services for affordable prices and more.


About Our Services

Who We Are?

Serving St. Petersburg area, we are a mobile car mechanic shop. We are here to provide you quick car repair services, motor oil change, replacements and other services wherever you are.

Our technological and fast-paced world that we live in today makes the time very precious. And we understand that even basic car repairs like changing oil can be stressful and difficult. And you won’t notice that you’re already neglecting your other important things for that day. 

By getting a quality and quick car service, you can alleviate your stress in doing that basic maintenance performed in your vehicle. And with us, we will take that stress so can you still do what you have in your plate for that day. Examples of our car repair services are oil changes, oil filter replacements, and etc. 

 Why is there a Need to Change Engine oil?

Generally it is advisable to change oil once you reach 3000 miles or 3 months, whichever comes first. You can also read the manual for other recommendations or information. Changing oil is necessary even though you don’t go out and use your vehicle often because the oil could get contaminated from an accumulated moisture. These contaminants will be combined with the oil as the engine will run. And after some time, if these oil will be neglected, it will become a sludge which can cause trouble and engine failure.


Aside from the moisture mentioned above which can make the oil dirty, other elements that can be detrimental on the engine system are the additives present in the oil. These additives are a lot because it helps in operating the engine efficiently. But as time passes, it will break down and wear due to heat. When this happens your oil cannot do what it was intended to do.

Motor oil protects, filter, seal and coat the engine. Its key functions are lubricating the moving parts of the vehicle, transferring heat away from the engine, pulling dirt, dust, contaminants and other deposits away from the engine. You might like to check also our starter replacement, wheel bearing replacement and more.

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What do we offer? 

Our main goal is about our service and customer satisfaction. We set standards in both of these areas and we make sure that we exceed customer’s satisfaction or pleased with the work done by having a quality service. And we do this by having each of our employee training and development. By doing this, we will maintain our quality, fast and professional service to our customers.  

And below are the services we offer to keep your vehicle running smoothly. But we do much more than that just changing to new oil, below are our wide array of services to  keep you back on the road and on to wherever you’re headed. 

  • Simplified oil changes and oil filter replacement. Your engines oil filter will clogged overtime because one of its jobs is trapping dirt and contaminants. When this happens dirty oil and deposits will travel straight to the engine unfiltered. And it can build up quickly and will lead to possible damage of the vehicle’s internal parts. And the only way to prevent these things from happening is regularly change engine oil and its filter.
  • In just a few moments also, we will replenish all important areas under the so called hood fluids if its still at its proper levels.
  • Checking on engine’s air filter. Aside from extending the life of engine, changing air filter also helps in areas of gas mileage. Air filters are also important because they are designed to trap dirt, dust and debris. And if not taken into account, can take a toll on your internal engine parts.
  • Checking the tires if its still in recommended amount of pressure
  • This would just take minutes so we also do service inspection on your wiper blades and cleaning of windshield. This is an integral part in ensuring your safety during rainy season, snow, and sleet. If you observed and remembered they are not performing well, you should have them checked and possibly replaced.
  • If you want, we can also keep your transmission healthy. We can replace the fluid in the transmission, cooler lines and torque converter in its recommended level
  • We can also inspect your radiator. Our radiator service will check if there are any fluid that blocks the radiator and engine. We will then replace it with the right mixture of fluid, level and the type needed by your vehicle.
  • Expert Mechanics. Motor oil plays a crucial part in the overall engine system as it is considered the blood of the engine. There are many options and choices available for oil in the market. There are synthetic or synthetic blend and special engine oils that are designed for vehicles that run for over 75,000 miles and help prevent situations like oil leaks or burn off. And all of these oil meets an industry standard. And our expert technicians will show and talk on you about the options your vehicle requires.


With us, you’re sure you are handled with care with our certified, trained, polite and friendly technicians and that your engine keep running at optimal performance.


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Call us now, schedule an appointment and we’ll be on our way to your location. We will be extremely glad to help you change your vehicle’s oil. There are no hidden fees, no oversell and we will explain everything to you on the whole process and other issues.  We will properly change oil in your vehicle as we know that it plays a vital part in the vehicle’s performance. And so if you are in St. Petersburg and you need a car service, give us a call and we will help your vehicle keep running for a long time and healthy.

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