In need of Professional Car AC Repair Service?

Are you in need of car AC repair? Whether you are a resident or a tourist we are here for your car AC repair needs. Good things comes even in your AC problem as we bring the service to where you are. You can call us to diagnose and fix the problem in your home or in the office. You will not wait any longer in a repair shop! Our mechanics here in St. Petersburg will get your AC blowing icy cold air in a jiffy! Because Mobile Mechanic in St Petersburg FL is here for you.

As Florida is known as the sunshine state, you expect that you will experience the hot weather. That also means that you will prefer to stay inside your car and turn on the AC than linger outside in the hot temperature. Whether you are a tourist or a resident, the heat can cause discomfort and a good AC is an answer.

If you are used to the hot weather then you can handle some heat exposure. But your car generates heats repeatedly and this heat needs to disappear so that it will not cause big problems. That is the work that the cooling system of your car together with your car’s radiator task.

But the driver depends solely on the AC of the car for the needed cold air to be comfortable. You can know when your AC has some defect on it. One is that when your car takes longer to cool off. Second is when the cold air that is produced by the cars AC is not that cold as before. This is the time that you need to consider having your cars AC being checked before the damage can get worse. 

That would be our job as a provider of car AC repair in the vicinity of St. Petersburg. If you are here then you give us a call. We have the needed materials and tools for your AC concern. Our team has received the necessary training and experience so we can provide the quality of service you are looking for. And not just that, our company also offer auto electric repaircar battery replacementbrake repair and more.

A minor and major concern of your AC is what we deal with every day so you are sure that we know what we are doing. If it goes even to overhaul we can handle it.


Additional Services

Here are the signs that you have a problem with your car AC:

The compressor of your AC turns on and then off simultaneously.

The cooling down period of your car takes more than the previous or original.

The compressor of your AC or its belts makes unwanted sounds.

Check also our starter replacement service. 

Here are some of the common AC concerns:

Freon Leak

Freon is essential to your AC to function. It is a cooling agent that works to make the cold air coming from your AC. Most of the time the cause of the poor performance of your air conditioning in the car is that the coolant has low-pressure level according to the standard of the maker. A leak can happen that creates a problem as the standard level will drop. The solution could be refilling your coolant.

As you use your car, it is normal for the parts to have wear and tear and they also can have damages caused by anything that would affect its effectiveness. The hose or the o-rings may have aged that makes the Freon leak. We do offer a checkup for this so that you can be able to know if there is a problem before more damage happens. It is the best recommendation and you can expect us to deliver fair and in good quality service for your car. 

We would first focus to know your specific problem to make a direct diagnosis. That makes the work be done faster. That is why you can depend on us on your car AC repair. 

AC Smell Bad

We have heard this complaint many times from our customers. We have designed the perfect solution for this. If you will come and have your car AC repair service done for the specific reason you will know how it is done.

We will go into the perfect source of the smell to eliminate it. That is your air con evaporator box because it is damp, dark and not easy to reach. Molds live in this area that would cause the problem. We give it a treatment to emit fresh air rather than the bad odor.

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Car AC Repair (1)

Compressor Problem

This is one of the sources of concern of car owners in relation to their air con. The compressor would be responsible for making the air available throughout your car.

Fuse Blown

This is also one of the concerns being raised regarding AC of cars. The solution is a checkup for your air con to be conducted by your trusted persons. You have come to the right site! Make our phone ring and speak with our personnel in charge. He or she will assist you with your concern as all know the car Ac repair service that we offer.


The Prevention Method

There could be many problems that can occur when you have your own car. The maintenance is needed so that it could perform in its estimated life span. If you will really take care of your car then you can expand its lifespan that was given. As a driver and car owner, it is good to know how to do car maintenance. There are simple ones that you can do on your own.

But if you do not have the detailed information and especially the right tools to do it, better avail of our services. Our focus is not just your car AC repair here in St. Petersburg but also other car problems. Many times we experienced that our customers have made some repair or maintenance themselves and ended up spending more than what they should have. That is what they had done had cause problems.

If you want to experience a greater service for your car AC repair in St. Petersburg contact us. We are composed of professionals and experts that are ready to serve you.

Fast. Reliable. Honest. This is what we strive for to provide the best service for your car AC repair in St. Petersburg, FL. Come and have a good experience. Release your car AC problems to us. 

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