In need of Professional Auto Electric Repair Service?

Have you lost all hope when you think no one else can help you when you face a roadside emergency due to a problem in your auto’s electric? Whether the problem is on your car’s alternator, batteries, or starters, seek help from experts whom you can trust. Auto Electric Repair in St. Petersburg knows how frustrating it is when you can’t solve the problem on your own. Give us a call whenever you need experts’ help. Our mobile mechanic service always ready to serve your car with only the best!


For over 20 years, we serve our customers with the right knowledge and expertise. For such a long time, we were able to build the reputation that we have now, and it is the fruit of all the team’s efforts. Without the efforts of each in our team, we will not be one of St. Pete’s trusted and dependable Auto Electric Repair service provider. 

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We know very well that you are looking for honest, dependable, fast, and hardworking Auto Electric Repair professionals in the city. Auto Electric Repair in St. Petersburg is always so glad and excited to serve you since the day we started providing our services to both residents and even visitors having car problems. Our team consists of highly trained, skilled, and professional service technicians.

Tell us whatever problem your car have, and we are here to provide the best and the only quality service you are looking for your vehicle. We specialize in Auto Electric Repair, so our team can surely fix the problem for you. When you call us, we will quickly diagnose whatever the problem is. After that, we will provide solutions to save your beloved car at the fastest speed we can, if you are in a hurry. Do you know how excited we are to provide our services to you? Call us now, and we’ll let you know!


At Auto Electric Repair in St. Petersburg, our focus is to provide only the best and high-quality auto electric repair services for complete customer satisfaction. We strive day by day to achieve that goal. And to achieve that goal, expect us to serve you with quality as well as honesty and integrity. We will not do anything that could bring disappointment to our customers as one of St. Pete’s trusted and dependable Auto Electric Repair service provider.

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Auto Electric Repair in St. Petersburg provides services related to your car’s electric problem, may it be the alternators, batteries, or starters. We keep your car’s electric system have a better performance.

To keep your car running properly without a problem, check its electric system. If this system doesn’t work well, expect a poor engine performance. Do you need a quality auto electric repair service? Our technicians can do automotive troubleshooting and do the necessary repair that your car needs. If your car needs major repairs due to your car’s electrical system failure, we are here to do that for you! That’s why we are offering affordable services like  water pump replacement and starter replacement

Every part of a vehicle is important, whether it’s almost not a visible part. If the problem is in the alternator, it will lead to car failure. If you think the problem is in your car’s alternator, immediately call us for help. Our expert service technicians can handle all the needs of your car. When you call us, tell us your location, and we will be there!

Feeling frustrated as you can’t get back on the road due to a dead battery? If you have a dead battery, and you can’t jump start your car, don’t lose hope. Why lose hope when there’s someone to help you? Auto Electric Repair pros are here to repair your car’s battery or replace it with a new one. Your car’s ignition system, starter motor, and lights can only be alive once again if the battery is repaired or replaced. Don’t wait for the battery to be severely damaged. We will test your car’s battery and advice you to replace it with a new one if needed. If it only needs to be charged, we will do that. And if you need a battery installation, call us!

How about your starters? If there’s a problem in this part of your car, it will also lead to your car’s failure. At Auto Electric Repair in St. Petersburg, we solve every type of problem in your car’s electrical system, whether it’s a major problem or a minor one. We make sure that the services that we provide in the area make all our customers completely satisfied.

The equipment we use to diagnose the problem in your car is not low-class but high-tech equipment to make sure we know the exact problem. Whether it’s your first time to experience the services we provide or it’s your second time around, we only guarantee the best service for your car! And whether your car’s model is modern or not, it’s not much different. All models, from classic to luxury cars, need electric repair.


Since it is you who knows about your car more than anyone else, don’t ignore if the problem comes up. Our tip for you is to frequently or regularly check all your car’s systems, including the electric system. Whether a problem occurs only once or twice, it’s better to seek help from experts. If you can do an auto electric repair on your own, make sure you can do it successfully. But, to avoid bigger problems later, call for Auto Electric Repair pros in St. Petersburg.

Your beloved car will be in top condition if you let us handle the problem. Our knowledgeable and experienced team of professional mechanics will not disappoint you for sure. There’s always room for improvement. Our team always do improvements in our services to make our customers trust us more.  We would like to inform you again and again that Auto Electric Repair pros in St. Petersburg only provide the service you can trust!

"Thank you for the quick repair of my car. More powers for the team! Good job!"
Blaine F. (St Petersburg, Fl)
"Affordable and high-quality service, I will reach them again for any soon appointments."
Anika K. (St Petersburg, Fl)
"Friendly, great price and quick. Their team just did a great job. Now I can drive again my car. Cheers for the team!"
Miller E. (St Petersburg, Fl)


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